About Us
Xcalak Realty is owned and operated by Joe & Susan McDowell and David Huix.

Joe & Susan came to Xcalak over twenty years ago and fell in love with the area and its people.
They built a home on the coast north of Xcalak in 2003. They sold their home in 2007 and have
purchased and renovated a home in the center of town.
Joe & Susan have a strong belief in the development
of Xcalak and have purchased several other properties
in town. Susan  has owned and operated a real estate
company in Maryland for over thirty years and has
earned a reputation for integrity and philanthropy.

David Huix is a  respected, twenty six year resident of
Xcalak. He and his wife are raising their three children here. David is a community advocate with
a special interest in education focused on the importance of protecting our natural environment.

Our purpose in forming this company was to bring a more professional approach to the real
estate practices in this area. We  also would like to see that the development of Xcalak  is done in
a responsible manner. Currently, there are no licensing requirements or regulations governing
agents for land sales. Unfortunately, this allows anyone to call themselves a real estate broker.  
Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate information that will help them through the process
of purchasing property and be confident that their investment is secure. Therefore we have a full
service office located in the center of town.

Unlike most other real estate companies in the Costa Maya that rent office space and share
commissions with sales agents, we own our office and work directly with our clients, therefore, we
are in a position to lower our commissions. Because of our deep roots in the community we look
at every buyer as a potential neighbor. We invite you to visit our office the next time you are in  

Xcalak, Mahahual, Rio Indio, Placer, Uvero